Paragliding offers a panoramic and completely different view of our incredible coast.

Your will reach heights of up to 150 meters for 15 to 20  minutes.

The Ride offers an easy, fast and safe way to experience an adventure up in the sky with highly qualified instructors.  In only 20 minutes, we arrive at the take off site.  We give you instructions to familiarize yourself with the equipment.

Includes: Transportation, pilot and all equipment.

PET STAYPet_Stay.html

Tour takes you to the small Island of Sucre (Islote Sucre) to enjoy the marvelous scenery, observing different birds.  Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and fishing.

Tour Includes: Transportation, guide, Snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, lunch, kayak, life vests and Los Frailes Beach, and National Park of Machalilla.   Approximately 10 Hours

Price:  $39.20 Per Person Includes Tax

Coastal Tours


Half A Day of Surf Trip

Five Hours with a Guide who Speaks English and Transportation.  

2-4 Persons $39.20

5-8 Persons $33.60

Price:  $50.40 Per Person Includes Tax

Full Day of Surf Trip

Ten Hours with a Guide who Speaks English and Transportation, water, fruit and lunch.  

2-4 Persons $67.20

5-8 Persons $56.00

Includes : surfboard, English speaking Instructor, lycras, photography and videos.


Allows our travelers to view the different environments from the coast to the forest.  Ride over the beach and into the surf.  Feel the ocean breeze and marvel at the beautiful trees and wildlife.  Approximately 6 Hours

Includes : Transportation, Spanish Speaking Guide

Leave Montanita at 8:30 for Isla De La Plata.  Board the boat at 9:50 for the the Island.  It take approximately one hour to arrive.  Once there we will hike around the Isla, where we will see different sea birds, including the Blue Footed Boobies, as well as many types of flora.  In the afternoon we will return to the boat and have lunch on board.   On the return trip we will see sea turtles and go snorkeling. 

Trip Includes:  Transportation, Guide, boat equipped with security system, snorkeling equipment and lunch.

Price:  $50.40 Per Person

Note: Every Person Must Pay a $1.00

Dollar Departure Fee to Leave the Dock

Stroll through the coastal cliffs of the National Park of Machalilla.  See birds (Blue Ducks, Frigates etc) and visit the beach from a distance, without actually stepping on the sand it is a nesting area for turtles(protected area).  We do snorkeling on different points of the coral reefs.

Includes: Kayak (with life vests) tour guide, snorkeling equipment and snack.

Price:  $50.40 Per Person

        (Two Person Minimum)

This trip gives us the opportunity to have a fantastic day full of beautiful beaches and historical cultures. 

Learn about the culture that lives on this part of the coast “AGUA BLANCA”  a place of archaeological potential with prehistoric ruins that takes you to a lake of sulfurous water which attributes to its healing properties. 

Loa Frailes is one of the most beautiful beach in Ecuador.  It is located in an area known for its cliffs and beaches which is carried through a beautiful dry forest.

Includes: Transportation, admission and lunch.

Price:  $39.29 Per Person

Price:  $56.00 Per Person Includes Tax

Just 20 minutes after we leave Montanita we arrive to a place of pure relaxation. 

Your adventure can be on Horseback or Walking through the dry forest to discover the grand vegetation and the great variety of flora and fauna.

This is an adventure from beginning to the end.  Our visitors can see monkeys, toucans, tarantulas, more than a hundred different bird species (much of which are in danger of extension) amongst other animals that are native to the area.  During the four to five hours of this tour we will constantly be surprised by the drastic changes in our environment and the enchanted rivers, pools and natural waterfalls.

Includes: transportation, tour guide, boots, entrance and lunch.

Price:  $33.60 Walking

               $44.80 Horseback Riding

Diving On The Isla De La Plata

The best place to dive is on this part of the Ecuadorian coast, thanks to the favorable temperature of water (between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit), and it’s marine life such as: turtles sea lions, blue marlins, sharks etc.

Surrounded by coral reefs with an abundance of species of sea fishes and floras combined, makes this place ideal for diving.   Approximately 8 Hours.


2 tanks for those who have a license.

1 tank for those who do not have a license.

All of the diving equipment, instructor, lunch and transportation.

Price:  $168.00 Per Person

Note: Every Person Must Pay a $1.00

Dollar Departure Fee to Leave the Dock

Diving On The Isla Salango or Los Ahorcados

The dive offers a wide variety of marine life.  Rich regions of fishes of all sizes and colors, different species, a beautiful view, of the caves, corals and plants.  We begin our drives from the shore at Salango. 

2 tanks for those who have a license.

1 tank for those who do not have a license.

All of the diving equipment, instructor, lunch and transportation.

Price:  $134.40 Per Person

Our diving courses offer:

A Divers PADI certification, which gives you a license to go diving your whole life an id valid for more than 70% of diving sites in the World.

Advanced Course - (3 Days)

  1.   Night Diving

  2.   Deep Diving

  3.   Navigation Diving

  4.   Multi-level diving ( Decompression Theory +
        Diving Tactics)

  5. Nature Diving ( fish identification and the

  Price:  From 2 to 4 People $313.60

  Price:  From 5 to 6 People  $280.00

  Price:  From 7 to 8 People   $246.40

Open Water Course _ (Four Days)

5 Modules of 5 classes in a pool, video tutorials and 4 divings in the open sea.

  Price:  From 2 to 4 People  $425.60

  Price:  From 5 to 6 People  $392.00

  Price:  From 7 to 8 People   $336.00

You need experience the amazing Southern Ecuadorian Coast, The perfect place to dream. Everybody has to have a dream. What are you waiting for? You will not be disappointed.

Motorcycle or Scooter Trip

on the Ruta Spondylus

Which brings you to different magical places, riding up North and arriving to National Park of Machalilla, or riding down South to explore different hidden beaches, living an adventure at your pace.


Price:  $56.00 Full Day (10 am to 6 pr)

Price:  $44.80 Half Day

Includes: Helmet and gas for the departure.

Recommendations: Bring a motorcycle license

Requirement to Rent:

Leave your passport with Tour Company and sign a “responsibility” form.


Price:  $44.80 Full Day (10 am to 6 pr)

Price:  $39.20 Half Day

All of the above Tours are booked through Montanitours.  Montanitours is one of the largest and most reputable Tour Companies on the Southern Coast of Ecuador.  Villa de Los Suenos is not responsible for the commitments or actions of Montanitours.


All of the Tours listed below can be booked directly by clicking on the Book Now Button at the top right.  When you book a suite you can then select any of the Tours.  Prices includes all taxes.  If you have any questions about the Tours please select the About Us bottom for all of our contact information.

Tour #1:

National Park of Machalilla

1 Day Tour

Surf Class

1/2 or 1 Day Tour

Tour #2:

Horseback  Riding

1/2  Day Tour

Tour #3:

Agua Blanca/Los Frailes

  1 Day Tour

Tour #7:


3 Hour Tour

Tour #4:

Isla De La Plata

1  Day Tour

Tour #5:


1/2  Day Tour

Tour #6:


1  Day Tour

Tour #9:

Diving Course

3 or 4 Days

Tour #10:


1/2 or 1 Day Tour

Tour #11:

Dry Forrest

  1/2 Day Tour

Tour #8: